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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Credit Restoration – A Game Changer

Credit Restoration - A Game Changer
Submitted By Renee Backus, Credit Specialist
Credit Restoration is perhaps the single most powerful method of increasing a person’s credit score.  Achieving the highest score possible can drastically affect the house we live in, the car we drive, and the cost of interest and insurance rates we pay.   Credit scores are critical to our quality of life… and for many, credit restoration is the key to obtaining the highest score possible.

What is Credit Restoration?  Simply put, it is the removal of derogatory information from your credit report.  Your credit score is a calculation of the data in your credit report, including positive things such as payments made on time, as well as derogatory items such as late payments, collections, judgments, tax liens, etc.   Obviously, the more positive information and less derogatory information – the higher your credit score. 

Most people don’t realize that information stays in their credit report for 7 years or longer, even if the item is paid.  So by removing some of the derogatory information from your credit report now, instead of waiting 7 years, credit restoration can dramatically increase your credit score now. 

How does it Work?  Studies have shown that nearly 30% of all credit reports contain serious errors resulting in the denial of credit.  Because of this, the Fair Credit Reporting Act includes provisions that allow consumers to dispute information in their credit reports with the credit reporting agencies (CRA's).  Upon receiving a dispute, the CRA's have 30 days to verify the information reported by the original creditor.  If the information is deemed inaccurate or unverified, then it must be deleted entirely from the credit report.  As derogatory items are deleted from the credit report, credit scores increase.

In addition to disputes made with CRA's, other dispute strategies can be used directly with creditors using the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Billing Act.  Using dispute strategies to challenge information in our credit reports often can result in half or more of the derogatory items being deleted from a credit report.  This can make a profound difference on the credit score, often increasing it by 100+ points!

Renee’ Backus is the co-owner of Credit Matters, Inc., a registered Credit Service Organization with the State of Wisconsin. Since 2003 Credit Matters has assisted over 3000 consumers and small business owners with credit restoration and consultation services.  For assistance with your credit management or score improvement needs, call me at: 866-895-4490.

Monday, October 1, 2012

New Possibilities for Call Center Business

Educational Institutions. New Possibilities for Call Center Business

Author: Megan

Today, more and more corporations are investing in call centers. Large and small businesses are willing to employ teams of professional workers to handle all questions and problems of their customers. In order to start a successful call center business, it is desirable to study a number of advantages provided by college and university students.

Certainly, call center location near universities and colleges can become a determinant factor for the call center business, as students are an intelligent and educated but rather low-cost labor source. Even though it is unlikely that these students will become permanent employees, they are usually willing to take part-time jobs to earn extra money; therefore, they are always ready to take odd and night shifts. 
Many community colleges all over the country have created certification programs for skills that make an integral part of the work at any call center. Year after year, vocational education is gaining popularity among modern school leavers; it is another chance for call centers to build a strong team of qualified transient workers.

Before rating the area of interest, one has to study the location and infrastructure of educational centers. Some important questions should be answered, like whether the community is ready to support it, or whether local educational centers offer programs that prepare people for high technology jobs, and provide students with possibilities to develop high tech and communication skills. These issues will determine success of the call center in the very near future. It is also crucial to know whether graduates prefer to stay or leave the community. Another important issue, one has to study whether there is any other industry that dominates in this community, because it can become the competitor in attracting low-cost labor source. If one study the economical and social situation of the community in details, it will be much easier to work out an effective and successful business-plan for any call center project.
Every corporation should weigh all the pros and cons before deciding whether to use students' labor or not. Many students can become a low-cost labor source for any business. Their academic credentials are often rather high. However, one should realize that students are usually only transient workers; therefore, they put their job on the second or even third place. Classes, grades, and extra curricular activities are much more important to them than any part-time job.

Many companies prefer not to employ students; however, they underestimate the potential of this low-cost labor source. Educational institutions are interested in preparing qualified employees; therefore, they are even ready to change their curriculum in order to meet the expectations and requirements of the businesses, which include call centers, as well.

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