American Workers For American Companies

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

People are most often hesitant to work with a Virtual Assistant.  Many times you will never meet them face-to-face except for Skype or other video calling.  Although the benefits often out-weight the downfalls, it takes a certain amount of research to determine if this is the appropriate avenue for a company. 

We not only offer services but we also work closely with potential clients to walk them through the decision-making process.  We never push, we never ‘hard sell’.  We take as much time as the client needs to make an educated, informed decision.

We are pleased to share with you that everyone who has taken the leap of faith and contracted either a service or a one-time task with us – wants more.  The satisfaction rate is very high and our clients are typically in it for the long haul.

We are so confident that we are going to give you two email addresses to contact to get a first-hand recommendation of our services.  The first is an Itinerant Pastor in Mississippi.  She is the founder of Emmanuel Connections, a non-profit, religious organization.  She is Pastor Vicki Gladding and can be reached at

The second is the CEO of Team Gerlach, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin area realtor who specializes in helping people to realize their dream of home ownership through rent to own or lease purchase options.   He is Dave Gerlach and can be reached at

We encourage you to contact them and ask them the tough questions like, how quick is our job turn-around time, how confident are they that their information is secure, and do they find our rates to be reasonable.  Ask them how they feel about the fact that we utilize contracts and not simple word-of-mouth to secure work. 

There is a HUGE difference between ORCVirtual and, well, virtually any other company.  We have a team approach.  When you contract us you are securing the services of many people who have the experience and expertise you require.  You will always have the same virtual assistant but you know that when your VA has questions or issues, they simply call on other team members to help and you still pay for just your one virtual assistant.

Be careful when hiring a Virtual Assistant by the hour.  It is important for both parties to know how quickly you need the work done and how long it may take – but when you start to pay your VA by the hour – you have just entered the employee-zone.  The IRS has a very clear line of demarcation between an employee and an independent contractor.  You will never get a quote from us outlining an hourly rate.  We will figure out a pricing structure to meet your needs and bill whatever you need straight out as an invoice that does not include any hourly rate. 

Next time we’ll outline what exactly the IRS is looking for in determining if you have a virtual assistant as an independent contractor, or an employee.