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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Top Five Service Areas

As January comes to a close we take a look forward, not backward.  We looked backward all of December and in to January and looking backward is good to do but not a good place to linger.

At ORCVirtual we have decided to stream-line our business focus.  We began by offering over 250 products and services, utilizing a large team of independent contractors to meet the needs of our clients.  We have made the decision to focus on five primary areas of virtual assistance.


Our clients in real estate and property investment know the amazing benefits of having a virtual assistant.  We work behind the scenes, in our own office, using our own equipment, to make them look even better than they already do.  We work hard to drive customers to their websites and phone.  We strategize with our clients to create the best possible plan.  Whether it is posting of ads on various websites, editing print materials, taking and cleaning up property photos, data entry, customer/client database creation and maintenance, or performing short sale document preparation:  we are proud to be the quiet force behind the powerful realtors and investors.


Our team has countless years of experience in working with local churches, non-profit organizations, and itinerant pastors and clergy.  We have three ordained pastors on our staff who have heard the call to assist and support fellow clergy and pastors.  Our services for clergy are as vast and different as the many walks of life from which they come.  They include administrative assistance, writing, editing, proofreading, blog ghost writing, social network maintenance, web site maintenance, travel arrangements, e-news, e-letters, e-campaigns, budgets and accounting and so much more.  We even have a composer on our team and someone with over 20 years of creative worship planning.  When are blessed to be able to answer the prayers of our brothers and sisters in pastoral ministry.


Our graphic artists are some of the best in the country.  Our graphics director has worked on projects for such companies as Associated Bank, Harley Davidson, Aurora HealthCare and the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts as well as countless small businesses and individuals.  His talents range from website clean-up, to logos and branding, signage and photo manipulation/restoration.  Our clients appreciate our attention to detail and the fact that everything must get the approval of our graphics director before the final product goes to the client. 

We are pleased to partner with LifeDesignsByEnrique. Enrique is a multi-gifted individual and everything he does can be placed under the umbrella of ‘life design’. Whether it’s redecorating with your current furniture and art to a complete remodel of your home, he can do it.  Weddings, receptions, business parties and gatherings and other functions are one of his specialties.  Have a home you want to remodel but the price tag is really high?  Work with Enrique to have the best possible remodel at a price you simply won’t believe.  LifeDesign – because you live it – let Enrique help you design it.

Under this category our work can include the following:

Ghost Writing
Blog Updating
Social Media Maintenance
Data Entry
And Much More

If you would hire an administrative assistant to perform what is needed, you will benefit greatly from considering a virtual administrative assistant.

Our company is still committed to excellent – committed to exceeding your expectations – and every other bumper sticker that the other guys are using to brand themselves. We are simply the best one-stop-shop for your administrative needs. 

Thanks for visiting our blog.  And thanks for putting your confidence in Office Remote Control.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Time To Re-Energize

The month is just about half over and its not too late to jump on board with our incredible Name-Your-Own-Price fiesta!  That’s right – name your own price on most of our services (within professional reason).  You’ll be surprised what types of offers we’ve been accepting.  Why are we doing this? Is this an act of desperation?  Are things that bad?  On the contrary, things are running so well we wanted to give you this unique opportunity to try us out. See if we’re worth the hype. 

From clergy and pastoral support, to non-profit administration, to real estate and graphic arts and design; we are still your one stop shop.

Now that you are almost done with year-end details it’s time to consider something very important to the health of your business:  your health.  Burnout of small business owners happens every day.  With fewer dollars to spend on staff, many owners find themselves doing everything.  Some people can handle it while others can tend to burn out.

Three simple techniques to help avoid burnout.

1)      Take a break.  That’s right.  Step away for a moment. Breath – maybe get away for the entire weekend.  The business will be there when you get back but now your battery is re-charged.

2)      Read a great book.  Motivational books can be found on all the shelves through-out the bookstore. Choosing one is mind-boggling.  But if you remember that these books are there to motivate you, to teach you, and to share with you the success stories of a small group of people; it’s easier to pick one.  Just reach out and grab one.  You don’t have to take the entire thing as gospel and you don’t even have to read the entire thing – just grab it, shut out the noise, and be inspired.

3)      Imagine success.  Sounds a little crazy but if Walt Disney couldn’t imagine success where would that little mouse and his trillions of dollars be today?  Disney himself said, “If you can dream it, you can do it”. So dream it – imagine what it feels like to succeed. Imagine what it feels like to be full of exciting, creative energy at work.  Imagine it – be it – become it.

Avoiding burn-out means taking time to re-charge your battery. Maybe all you need to do is step away from one project for a while and doing something mundane like data entry for a day.  Anything to refocus your brain and recharge that battery. 
A business woman whom I admire greatly has a sign in her working area.  It's pretty simple.  A circle with these words in the middle:  Bang Head Here.  Before you get to the point of actually doing it, step away and refocus.  Gather your super-powers together, plug in to the justice league computer and hit reboot.  Whatever it takes - dont' give up the dream because you forgot to avoid burnout.