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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dream It and Do It With a Virtual Assistant!

What have we learned from Mark Zuckerburg that we can actually use in our small business?  The first lesson is one we can learn from most fast-rising, hard-working, millionaires and billionaires:  stick to your dream, stick to your convictions and don’t stop until you achieve it.

Steve Jobs left a strong and notorious legacy.  When developing the iPhone IV, he was never satisfied with the color of white.  He wanted a white phone and would not let his developers settle for anything but the white that Steve Jobs had in his head.  In fact, the iPhone IV could have been launched earlier had Mr Jobs given in to the other white palettes.  But he refused to because he stuck to his guns and convictions.  What he got was a white phone that hit the market like a speeding bullet and that did exactly what he wanted done.

One of the bottom lines is that neither of these two men settled for less and they were always striving for something greater.

That’s one of the goals we have in mind when working with our clients.  We want them to strive to better, to offer a better service to their clients, and to push out a better product.  We partner with companies and individuals who want to offer and be something better than they are today.  They aren’t going to settle in to where they are today – comfortable and cozy – because that just means we’re not looking at our competition and when they overtake our share of the marketplace, we never saw it coming and it is too late.

If you aren’t willing to go one more mile and to become just a little better today than you were tomorrow – why are you in business in the first place?  Why did you enter this race if complacency is your comfort?  I bet if you ask every racecar driver who has ever been in a race, why they race, they will tell you it is to win.  Sure, the race is fun; but winning is the goal.  To do a little better than you did the last time is their focus.  That’s why we keep statistics and watch our website visitor counts.  That’s why we do research to find out what the other guy is doing so we can do it better. 

Take a hard look at Virtual Assistance – we CAN make you better.  Together we can help you improve those statistics and make your competitors sweat just a little more than they did yesterday.  Together we can help you achieve your wildest dreams for you and your business. 

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